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I do not really think the RuneScape player base would complain
I say this RS gold mainly because the way houses are in our game is a great 2007 item but its out of date today in a more fundamental basis, and other MMOs just have more innovative ways at having houses. The ability should only be completely redone with no trace of older school building.

It is similar to having 50 different piles of 10 years+ assignments, and then picking which of those piles to start on first. Construction goes up against the new player experience, the participant avatar and a lot of, but it is definitely near the top of the heap. We have picked something for Structure that wouldn't get in the way of a near future rework and would supplement it

Your idea for how to alter Construction is very good, but I'd stop short of making it a whole new skill. I am not convinced that's what will be ideal for the player base.

I do not really think the RuneScape player base would complain

Ah, so it is among those. Given what its up against it makes sense that there is so much more along with this heap (I encourage the priority on these btw and I periodically need to remind myself of what rests on top).

I always thought a ground up redo of construction (and stomaching potential negativity from some gamers ) is the only viable path. Since you state player base, I would contest that by saying the participant base needs the functional preservation of several things (gilded altar, costume space storage(s), workshop elements and pet storage). Other elements are a buy RuneScape gold relic from another decade and I also feel like updating everything else aesthetically is quite a chore. If what functions players want can safely be imported into a more contemporary MMO style"home" concept.

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